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How does a homeless, once employed chef, living in his car become a Doctor of Psychology and Licensed Therapist? By going to AA instead of driving his car off an oceanfront cliff.

This book offers an insight into how the 12-step process and societal fellowship combine to provide an individual with many of the benefits that psychotherapeutic procedures administered by psychologists and mental health clinics do as well.

This book was written with the purpose of bridging the gap between psychology and the 12 steps in the hope of increasing treatment success. It was written for therapists who are not substance abusers or in recovery in the hope that it may provide insight into the mind of the alcoholic/addict, while providing a useable lexicon.

This book is written for any and all who may have an interest in the world of substance abuse treatment, psycho-therapy, and a few of the other 12 step programs.

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